New Battle Force!

A brand new battle force has arrived to the shores of Storm Tide. The Naxillians are here and ready to take on the universe!

A Two player Monthly RPG Narrative Campaign

Storm Tide is an unofficial RPG Campaign based on the rules of Legion. With each new box, players can expect exciting new content, including miniatures, cards, tokens, and more, designed to challenge and immerse them in the game. The innovative skill tree system allows players to customize and level up their characters, while resource gems and VP earned during missions can be used to augment weapons and affect the battlefield.

The Storm Tide Way

As a subscriber to Storm Tide: Unknown Shores, you can expect a new box every month packed with exciting new content. Each box is carefully curated to challenge and immerse you in the game, with miniatures, cards, tokens, and more designed to expand your army and enhance your gameplay experience.

Whether you’re new to tabletop RPGs or an experienced player, the monthly box offers endless opportunities for customization and strategic planning. With new content each month, you can expect to continually evolve your army and tackle new challenges.

And the best part? As a subscriber, you’ll receive your monthly box delivered right to your doorstep, making it easy and convenient to jump right into the action. So, join the adventure today and experience the thrill of commanding your fleet and team of elite characters in Storm Tide: Unknown Shores.

This is your chance to Explore. Discover. Prepare. Survive.

What to expect from a Storm Tide box

In each monthly box you will receive new missions for your commander and armies to complete. These will pit you head to head against a friend and the outcomes will affect the narrative and your forces.

Once a mission is complete you will get a special QR code that will allow you to submit your outcome Online to help drive the core narrative and also to place your character into the history of Storm Tide.

Even though each box of Storm Tide is different you can expect to receive a ton of cool items in each one!

Each monthly box will be different and will add to the story and to your collection. Here are some things that you could see in the Storm Tide box:

  • Minis
  • Unit Cards
  • Command Cards
  • Battlefield Cards (Deployment, Condition and Objective)
  • Tokens
  • Upgrade Cards
  • Acrylic tokens
  • and much more!

How do I get in on the campaign?

Buy the Storm Tide Campaign subscription.

Receive chapter 1 of the Storm Tide campaign in the mail mid August 2021.

Play the campaign with a friend then discuss it on the Storm Tide Forums.

Join the Legion Discord and join us in the Storm Tide channel!

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Storm Tide is an unofficial Legion narrative campaign for 2 players that spans multiple episodes and will be played with monthly boxes that provide the content to continue the narrative. By using Legion as the core rule set, Storm Tide allows players to use their Legion products in new and interesting ways

Using Legion rules and product for the basis of this campaign, Storm Tide expands your game play through additional rules and narrative storytelling.

The campaign is pretty simple:

  1. Use any XP/Resource Gems you may have to either create a new character (if this is your first game) or upgrade your current character. If you are starting a new character you start with 1 XP to begin one of the skill trees.
  2. Both players look at the rules for that current box to see which mission to play and how it is chosen.
  3. Once a mission is chosen, players use the mission sheet to determine battlefield size deployment, objectives, XP special operations, and any conditions. In Addition, Mission sheets will also have Admiral Abilities that players can choose if they have enough VP.
  4. Play the mission. Note that on some missions the “Special Conditions” may tell you to do something during the mission at a precise time. Make sure you follow these instructions.
  5. Determine the victor of the mission. Each player should track who won the mission and how many victory points they earned during the mission in their campaign tracker on their Admiral’s Log. Victory Points (VP) from any special abilities like Bounty or Secret Mission can be counted!
  6. Repeat these steps for each mission.

Storm Tide will focus on three chapters(months) at a time and we have a few options to choose from.

Our monthly campaign option is $36.00 per month plus shipping, billed monthly. This option will auto renew.

Storm Tide offers hours of gameplay and custom pieces in each box. 

All the custom pieces are designed to be used outside of the narrative campaign as well and can provide new and fun ways to play with your friends.

It is priced accrodingly so that we can continue offering new and interesting ways to play.

Also, Storm Tide has enough product for two players, so get a friend and you can split the cost!

Storm Tide is currently designed for 2 players. 

At a minimum players should have enough Legion units and upgrades to build a 1200 pt army and it is recommended to have variety as there are min/max for each unit rank for the army options in the core rule book.

  1. The Storm Tide campaign box.
  2. A friend, family member or your worst enemy? Basically another human.
  3. In short Legion product!

    At a minimum players should have enough Legion units to build a 1200 pt army and it is recommended to have variety as there are min/max for each unit rank for the army options in the core rule book.

    Storm Tide is meant to be a casual fun narrative for Legion players so there aren’t many restrictions when it comes to factions or homebrew.

  4. A wanderlust for undiscovered lands and new worlds.

If something is wrong, broken or you just want to say hi – email us at [email protected]

No. This campaign is unofficial and unauthorized. It is not authorized, approved, licensed, or endorsed by Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc., Atomic Mass Games or Lucasfilm Ltd.

Yes. You can purchase any of the monthly subscriptions and we will ship them! Alternatively we also have an international special that will ship quarterly and ship 3 boxes of content at a time. Although this will put you behind others it is a cheaper shipping option!

The quarterly subscription you will be receiving boxes monthly but will pay quarterly.

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This campaign is unofficial and unauthorized. It is not authorized, approved, licensed, or endorsed by Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc., Atomic Mass Games or Lucasfilm Ltd.