September Transmission

Incoming Updates from Fleet Command

Double Charges and Syncing

We wanted to notify everyone that we are working out the kinks in the subscription service as this is new to us. You may see some double charges this month as the subs try to sync on a single day of the month (27th of every month). We will be shipping box 3 between October 16th – 19th and the charge on Sept 27th will be for that box.

Tracking Info – We know that number of you did not get tracking info as well for box 2. We are looking into it and will have it fixed for box 3.

If there are mistakes in charging, we will fix them as they are identified. If you have an issue with billing our anything else, you can reach out to us.

Commander Packs

Commander packs are on pre-order and will be shipping the first week of October. Each pack has one commander and 18 cards! Some of these are new and some are from the free mission Rising Tide – War on Rigel IV.  If you’re interested you can check out the pre-orders here:

Mission 1 Leader Board

Mission 1 stats are up! We see that there are some folks that may have more VP then possible on the leaderboards. We are investigating and will have updates soon. In the meantime, check out all the other stats and how your ship and faction are doing!

Player Showcase

With all the people out there playing Storm Tide we wanted to take a moment and share community photos!

ASpaceViking from Discord – Commander Reijj Evess
thewarriorhunter from Discord – Insurgent Army
grandpapanurgl from Discord – Commander
deceitfulexarch from Discord – Rahm Kota
TheMasterofUnlocking from Discord – Commanders
jasonisconfused – 5280 Rogue from Discord – Custom Commander

A Brief Intermission

Hello Commanders, I am writing to let you know that we believe now is the time to take a small pause on box releases for

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Storm Tide Season 2

Hello Commanders, Welcome to season 2 of Storm Tide! We are very excited for you to see what we have in store for you and

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