The Storm is Upon Us

Hello Commanders,

As you all are anxiously awaiting your orders we thought it would be a great time to talk about the future of Storm Tide!

Let’s start with the immediate future: Box 1. We are working feverishly on prep and getting ready for shipping day! We are very excited to get this into your hands and can’t wait to see all of your games and results!

While we are at the physical phase of Box 1 we are also working on the next several boxes that are all in varying stages of development, art and printing!

We are very happy with the progress and are looking forward to the next year of content!

In addition to Storm Tide monthly boxes we are going to be offering optional expansions and additions that will be offered from time to time that will enhance Storm Tide but are purely optional.

As an example the first additional item will be the ability to purchase box 1 commander packs that will have one of the commanders from box 1 and the cards from Rising Tide.

We also wanted to take a moment and share our Storm Tide Road Map for the next year! Below is our road map for not only Storm Tide and Rising Tide but also estimated dates for our current expansion and additions line. Thanks so much for your support and we are looking forward to playing Storm Tide with you!

A Brief Intermission

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Storm Tide Season 2

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