Storm Tide has Arrived!

Welcome Commanders,

Storm Tide has arrived and you are about to embark into the world of our narrative campaign for Legion!

As you startle awake, your comm unit next to your bunk chirps. Sleepy eyed and anxious, you roll over to answer it. You click the button that acknowledges the page and briefly sigh.

“Commander, we’ve received a communique from Fleet Command – they’re asking us to deviate course and assignment.”

Storm Tide is a narrative Legion campaign that spans multiple episodes and will be played with monthly boxes that provide the content to continue the narrative. The components that come in each box are used over the lifespan of the campaign and will help to drive not only the story but character development as well.

We have spent countless hours on the campaign for the development, story, art and it has all come together for your enjoyment!

In Storm Tide you’ll get affect the world around you, not only on your table at home but also in the larger community!

You’ll get a special Storm Tide commander that you can name and select a skills for on the commander skill trees. The miniature and unit card for this commander are included in the 1st box of Storm Tide.

Next, you’ll select a battleforce division for your games in Storm Tide. This determines what types of units you can include on your roster and what command cards you have access to at the start of the campaign.

Once you’ve selected your division chart, you can then start building your Army that is housed on-board your battlecruiser. These will be the only units you’ll have access to over the course of the campaign.

Once you’ve decided on all of these things you can proceed to your first game of Storm Tide.

We will be updating this blog regularly with sneak peaks and other amazing content. Pre-Orders begin June 11th, 2021 and will be delivered Mid August!

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