Storm Tide Standard Subscriptions

The following are our standard subscription services for the Storm Tide Campaign. These will all start at box one and you will get boxes monthly from there.

Catch up Subscription

Want to get caught up now? With this subscription you can buy all boxes out now and we will ship when the next monthly box ships!

Commander Add Ons

Get the commanders of Storm Tide! These packs include card packs from Rising Tide and more!

Free Missions

Join us for quarterly free missions that will affect the world of Storm Tide!

Beware Spoilers Ahead

Below are spoiler product for Box 2 Mission 4… Scroll at your own risk!

Scientist Mini Packs with Upgrade Cards!

Welcome to the Storm Tide universe! These Mini packs feature beautifully designed and sculpted minis by Skull Forge Studios. These sculpts are unique to the Storm Tide Universe and are also a great addition to any army.

Get all 6 at a discount!

Buy 6 for a reduced price! When buying our scientist six pack you'll get everything from the single packs and a discount!

Buy Individual Minis

If you don't want to get all six and just want to select individuals that's available too! Tons of choices just for you!

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